Module One Membership

I have purchased the Module 1 course; how do I unlock the videos and get started?

After verifying your e-mail address and logging into your account you can follow the instructions below to begin Module 1. These instructions are based on the orientation of the site on a PC, if you are using you phone or other device to access the site then the location of certain buttons may vary.

  1. After logging in, go to the MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMS page
  2. Select START HERE under Module 1
  3. On the right side of your computer screen, you will see links to the MODULE ONE COURSE and BONUS MATERIAL (VIDEOS)
  4. You are welcome to check out the BONUS MATERIALS at your leisure. These videos are just for your benefit and are not information you will be tested on in the course.
  5. To begin Module 1, select MODULE ONE COURSE
  6. This will take you to the main page where you can view the Intro Video
  7. Before you can begin watching the lesson videos you must click START COURSE to the right of the Intro Video to unlock the videos
  8. You can now begin watching the videos by selecting START LEARNING
  9. Once you have watched the first video as many times as you would like and are ready to take the first quiz, click MARK AS COMPLETE at the top, right hand corner of the video to be taken to the quiz
How many chances do I have to pass the Module 1 quizzes?

You will have one chance for each quiz to get a passing grade of 70% or higher. Once you begin the quiz you must finish. Exiting in the middle of the quiz will result in a failed quiz. If you do not pass a quiz, you will be prompted to be able to purchase another opportunity. If you fail any of the tests, we recommend rewatching the lesson and contacting us if you have any questions about the information. We are here to help!

I did not pass one of the quizzes; how do I purchase another quiz?

After you get your quiz results, you should see a link to purchase an activation code. If you don’t see this, you can go to MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMS then select START HERE under Module 1. Under the Available Services box, you will select BUY IT HERE!

Once you have purchase your extra test, you will receive an email with your activation code. Do not use this code until you are ready to retake the quiz! When you are ready to retake the quiz, go to the quiz you are needing to retake and enter the code in the provided box and select CHECK. A button should then appear to start the quiz. You must immediately start the quiz. If you leave this page without starting and finishing the quiz then your activation will no longer be valid.

How many times can I watch each video?

You are welcome to watch each video as many times as you would like before taking the corresponding quiz. You will be able to go back and watch each video as many times as you would like even after you have completed the program. If you don’t understand anything at any point and want some clarification, feel free to contact us by phone or text at 855-464-8726 or email us at

Free Content Membership

I have signed up for a Free Content account; how do I access the content?

After verifying your e-mail address, you can then log into your account and follow the instructions below to view the free content. These instructions are based on the orientation of the site on a PC; if you use a phone or other device to access the site, the position of some buttons may vary.

  1. Upon logging in, start by going to the FREE CONENT page on the main menu
  2. On the right side of your computer screen you will see the AVAILABLE SERVICES box. This box will contain links to all available free content. Check back regularly to see new content!