The Advanced Case Study Mentorship course is designed to teach you how to apply your learning from the Introductory Science course to actual pets in your home or salon. It includes one-on-one training and support from one of our academy educators to assist you with your own case studies. These case studies will include 3 maintenance baths (one for each coat type) and 2 skin restoration case studies. Your mentor will help you through the full process of asking the right questions, designing the best therapy plan for that individual, reviewing medical records and making adjustments throughout the process as needed. You will be required to check in with your mentor after each client visit to track your progress and to ensure adjustments can be made if needed. Our goal is to walk with you through every aspect of these case studies so you can ask questions and learn through real life situations. This course will help you to start building your portfolio and document your progress.

What's included

  • One on one mentoring with an experienced CPAe
  • Live virtual Q&A sessions to connect with a mentor and other students
  • Testing Included: No formal exams, grading will be based on the assignments turned in during your case studies and your engagement with your mentor
  • Upon completion with passing grade, you will receive your Certified Pet Aesthetician (CPAe) Certification (Previous passing completion of the Introductory Science course and the Advanced Science Workshop required to receive certificate)