The Introductory Science course is a video learning series for an in-depth education on the Foundation of Coat Science, the needs of the Short, Medium and Long Coats, Skin issues and much more! This course is taught by Dr Faver, DVM using his extensive veterinary knowledge as well as his long-time work with groomers. Once you have finished each video, you will take a small quiz to help you retain what you’ve learned. These videos are beneficial for EVERYONE even if you are not interested in completing the full CPAe program.

What's included

  • Educational videos included:
    • The Basics
    • Hair
    • Basic Chemistry
    • The Bath
    • Techniques
    • Skin Issues
    • The skin you see
    • Rules of skin restoration
    • Grooming Salon – Petri Dish
    • Nail and Paw Care
    • Ears and their care
    • Anal Glands
    • Teeth and Dental Issues
    • Ozone
  • Testing Included:
    • One short quiz after each video