Welcome to my personal desk!  I have worked my whole veterinary career to find solutions to disease processes and to heal animals from various conditions.  Of all the problems I faced, I have found skin issues to be the most frustrating.  We were told in school that we would never fix skin diseases that the best we could hope for is to control them.  That was not good enough for me!  I have spent hundreds of hours studying and researching different options to try to overcome this enigma with every resource veterinary medicine has to offer.  On my journey I had a groomer introduce me to the use of cosmetics (grooming products designed for health).  She started solving issues that I on cases I had struggled with for years.  This seemed too easy.  All the years of research by drug companies and here is a line of products from Italy that was not specifically designed to treat skin disease but when used in the right circumstances and with the right technique was truly “fixing” skin issues.  Being the sceptic, I needed to do more research as to the “why” it worked.  There again, it seemed too easy.  Give the skin and hair what it needs to flourish, and it does!   I found not only could I fix the vast majority of the skin issues that I had struggled with but also with the correct use of products I could prevent most of them.

Why I am so passionate about what I do.  If you could walk in Suzanne and my shoes to see the thousands of success stories we deal with on a regular basis you too would be passionate.  I have found so many owners that have been left frustrated by being told there was no hope by their veterinarian. “That their pet must be allergic to air or dirt”, leaving the client with nowhere to go next.  To be able to not only restore hope for these clients, but more importantly to give their poor pets relief from the miserable existence of those suffering from debilitating skin issues, is one of the most rewarding parts of my career.

We want to continue to help pet owners all the way to veterinarians by educating everyone that there are better alternatives to the standard treatments.  The skin is a barrier and the standard treatments have been treating from the wrong side of the wall.  It is time to change what we have been doing for years that haven’t been working and approach it with a new perspective that yields amazing results.  Or better yet, change our grooming techniques and products to eliminate the problems before they get going.  My Desk will be dedicated to providing the education to accomplish that.  We will have a library of basic information as well as the newest and the latest as it comes available.  If you find this information helpful, we highly encourage you to go through our Certified Pet Aesthetician course which will take you to the next level.  Learning is a journey and the more you learn the better prepared you are to help more pets.  So come join us on the journey!

Dr. Cliff Faver

DVM Pet Skin Academy

Cliff Faver

“Realizing that a pet’s groomer may handle the pet four times more often than its veterinarian, I encourage, promote and practice strong communication between the veterinarian and groomer. In fact, groomers may be the first line of defense for the pet’s health by recognizing and communicating when a pet needs medical attention. To achieve optimal health for pets, I truly believe in closing the gap between veterinarians and groomers.”

Dr. Cliff Faver, a 1987 graduate of Colorado State University, is the founder/owner and chief veterinarian of Animal Health Services and recently became the US distributor for Iv San Bernard Italian pet grooming products.

With over 10 veterinarians and 60+ support staff, Animal Health Services is a 24 hour Pet Urgent and Critical Care Center as well as a full service veterinary hospital offering services ranging from vaccines to CT Scans. In 2010 Animal Health Services was nominated in the top 10 for “Hospital of the Year” by the American Animal Hospital Association. This full service facility uses state-of-the-art emergency, diagnostic, surgical and alternative medical treatments to provide a full array of choices for companion animal owners for the healing of their pets.

In 2006, Dr. Faver founded a dermatological wellness and grooming center for pets located in Animal Health Services. With assistance from his grooming department, a marriage of veterinary medicine and natural skin therapies using Iv San Bernard products has healed numerous pets with skin disorders as well as helping able-bodied pets maintain the health and beauty of their skin and coats. After years of witnessing the truly amazing results from the Iv San Bernard products, Dr. Faver became the US distributor for the company in the latter part of 2011.

Dr. Faver is also a member of several national committees and associations such as Novartis LEAD Committee, Hill’s Global (International) Veterinary Board, Veterinary Management Group #14, American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), Arizona Veterinary Medical Association (AzVMA), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) as well as his hospital being a Hill’s Pet Nutrition test site.

Email: drfaver@isbusa.com

Phone: 855-464-8726 x 700