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Discover our Certified Pet Aesthetician Program.

Do you want to take your career to the next level by learning the true science behind bathing and grooming our furry friends? Our Certified Pet Aesthetician Program has everything from in-depth educational videos, hands-on training, and in-person education to give you the confidence and experience you need to tackle challenging situations and provide immense relief and thoughtful care to all different kinds of pets. Never again feel as though you are unable to help a pet in your care. Feel empowered to ask the right questions and make the best decisions that will lead to healthy and balanced skin and coat care for any pet. Be surrounded by a community of people who have achieved incredible results and want to share what they’ve learned along the way.

Module 1

Module 1 is a video learning series for an in-depth education on Foundation of Coat Science, the needs of the Short, Medium and Long Coats, Therapies and much more! Once you have finished each video, take a small test to help you retain what you’ve learned and then move onto the next module. These videos are beneficial for EVERYONE even if you are not interested in the CPAe program in its entirety.



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Module 2

Module 2 includes one-on-one training and support from one of our team members to assist you with your own case studies. These case studies will include 3 maintenance baths for each coat type and 2 skin therapy case studies where we will help you through the full process of asking the right questions, choosing the best therapy for that individual, reviewing medical records and making adjustments throughout the process as needed. This module will help you start to build your portfolio and document your progress.

Pre-requisite Module 1

Module 3

Module 3 includes on-site training at our facility in Cave Creek, AZ. It is 3 days of educational seminars, hands-on learning and team building with likeminded individuals. On the last day, complete your final exam to receive your Certified Pet Aesthetician certification and join a great group of people who have decided to make a difference in how they care for the health and well-being of the pets in their life.

Pre-requisite Module 1 & 2

Discover our Salon Owner Program

Our salon owner program allows you to purchase additional Module 1 Skin and Coat memberships for your employees at an affordable rate that keeps your employees at the top of their game. This also allows your employees to begin their journey towards their Certified Pet Aesthetician certification through the Pet Skin Academy.